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heavenThinking about reaching the end of life is not easy. Sadly we all pass on, but you could make a lasting difference to people struggling to overcome barriers of disability and social exclusion, people not feeling a sense of belonging to their community because of these barriers.

In memory donations 

Remember a loved one by asking friends in-memoryand relatives to make a donation in their memory to Recycling Unlimited. This could be given on important anniversaries or, as is happening more and more nowadays, making a contribution instead of buying funeral flowers. 

Many people prefer donations to go a cause close to their heart.

Every legacy makes a difference

A legacy of any size really makes a difference in our ability to help people facing barriers to social inclusion in Hull and surrounding areas, particularly those with mental health problems.

How to leave a legacy

It's easy to include a gift to Recycling Unlimited in your Will, but you should always consult a professional, such as a solicitor or financial adviser, to be sure your Will reflects your exact personal intentions and that you understand tax implications. 

When you are next considering writing or updating your Will, all you would have to do is contact your professional advisers and tell them the sum (or percentage of your estate) that you would like to leave us. Your adviser will need only our charity name, address and registered charity number. Suggested wording is: "I give... to Recycling Unlimited, registered charity number in England and Wales (1103796) for its general charitable purposes."

If you have already made a will

If you have already made a will you can update it by making a codicil, which is a statement expressing your wish to change it to include new arrangements such as leaving a contribution to Recycling Unlimited. 

 Thank you for your kind support