As a charity, we need to raise income to pay for rents, heating and other overhead costs. One of our main sources of income is through the sale of used furniture, both household and office.

If you have furniture you are thinking of disposing of, please ring us first. Your donated items can make a huge difference to us, even more so if you are in a position to 'Gift Aid' the money we raise through the sale.

Gift Aid it

If you are a UK tax payer you can Gift Aid your donations, making them worth 25 per cent more to us, at no extra cost to you!

We can claim back the tax you have paid on the money we raise through the sale of your donated furniture (25p for every £1 you donate) through Gift Aid.

This additional income really does make a big difference, so please don't forget to Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK tax payer. Our collection driver has forms with him, please ask him for details when he calls.

Please call us if you have any items you would like to donate. We happily take all sorts of items as well as furniture.

Please telephone (01482) 493170.

Thank you for your kind support